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Who are we


Azimuth Boats understands what it takes to produce a vessel that meets the operational needs for the marine environment. We are agile and resourceful in developing innovative and practical solutions to vessel requirements to support your investment.



We design and construct vessels for the commercial and 'cross-over' leisure industry; 

  • Fast crew transfer
  • Survey
  • Patrol
  • Dive
  • Search and rescue 
  • Small passenger ferries / taxis
  • Small inter-island transport 
  • Multi-category  

Three vessel designs


All our vessels are designed and built on the traditional hull concept of a keel, frames and longitudinal supports - they are not plastic moulded.   We offer three design platforms with an overall length < 18 metres;


  • RBB - a rigid buoyant collared vessel offering robust advantages over the traditional inflatable collar design of the RCB
  • Monohull - maximises the use of working deck space and super structures
  • Landing Craft - provides an accessible and stable multi-purpose platform

High Density Polyethylene (HDPE)

HDPE advantages

HDPE constructs vessels with remarkable adaptability, cost-efficiency and cross-industry application (sea and inland waterways).  The result is a vessel that is an almost indestructible and unsinkable practical workboat that offers tremendous strength, intact buoyancy and a reliable working platform.  

  • Naturally buoyant - specific gravity of 0.95
  • Minimal absorption of moisture (0.01 – ISO 62) - excellent dimensional stability
  • High UV resistance - manufacturer guarantee of 50 years
  • Longevity in material life - provides vessel longevity > 20 years under correct vessel application and maintenance
  • Anti-fouling and hull painting are not required – excellent chemical and corrosion resistance 
  • Wide range of operating temperatures – Arctic to tropical climate operation  
  • High tensile strength - high impact and extreme abrasion resistance - excellent for inshore or shallow water operation   
  • Lightweight – a lighter vessel contributes to fuel efficiency - lower fuel emissions
  • Shorter construction times – the ease and flexibility of working with HDPE allows an 8.0m hull to be manufactured within 8 - 10 weeks
  • Sustainable - HDPE is not classified as dangerous, safe to work with and a recyclable material



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Where to find us

Our factory is located on a small rural industrial estate adjacent to an airfield in East Yorkshire

Azimuth Boats

Unit 7D, Sand Lane, Breighton, YO8 6DS, Selby, East Riding Of Yorkshire, England, United Kingdom

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